Quick Peek

A quick FAQ (which no one actually asked but whatever)

Who runs this blog?

– Me. Just a wandering student trying to let her not-so-pent-up emotions turn into words.

How old are you?

– Legal enough to be in front of the computer for hours and hours. And wow, is there even a legal age for that? I think yes.

Where do you live?

– Philippines: Land of the Mangoes and Pineapples! Me thinks.

What do you do?

– I’m still a student. I don’t have any part-time jobs but I’m planning on changing that this summer.

What do you do in your free time?

– Not blog, surprisingly. I don’t blog all the time (only when I feel like it, as seen by somewhat long-short intervals between posts). I usually read fics (sue me).

What’s with the username?

– I’m not confident with my english so I guess my username (along with my blog header ‘Bad Case of Run-On Sentences‘ is some sort of a disclamer(? Something like that?), or a warning to my readers (if I do have any. Haha) how atrocious my grammar is – most especially whenever I just puke the words out (’cause of feels. Or something.)

So what now?

– I dunno. Up to you šŸ™‚








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