The Murder of Vocal Chords

I like singing. I really do. Too bad I’m bad at it.


Here’s my soundcloud where I stash all the songs that I covered/will be covering in the future seeing as its completely empty as of right now.

And trust me, I’m not good at singing so if you happen to experience auditory pains after hearing it then I’m sorry. Can’t say I didn’t warn you, though. The only vocal training I had is me, my bathroom, and my shower head.

Welcome to the place I call Auditory Malfunctions And The Murder of Vocal Chords:

  1.  Cups by Anna Kendrick

    I think everyone who saw Pitch Perfect know this song and even tried playing the cups. This is my favorite song from the whole movie (alongside Titanium which I’ll probably do in the future. When I’m bored. I don’t know) so I tried singing it.

    I can’t do acapella so I sang it with the original song in the background.



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