You’re My Ferrero

I told myself that I was over you. (Apparently not).

You hugged me the other night and told me that you missed me. Naturally, I told you that I missed you too. And feel special ’cause I don’t usually say I miss you to a lot of people. Unless I totally mean it. Which I did when I told you that I missed you.

do miss you…

And I think that sucks because we didn’t have a lot of memories together. We rarely talk to each other but when we do, boy do I laugh a lot. There’s just something about you that makes me want to own you. 

But I guess my friend got you first, huh?

It’s okay. Tanggap ko naman (I’ve accepted it). I just hope that we get to be friends (close friends, even) for the rest of the year. 

Don’t worry. I won’t forget you.

I think I will never forget you.




I really, really, really like it when you hug me. 


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