Can’t Believe It

So okay. 

The only time I decide to return to this blog is right before school starts. Does that make sense? 

Anyway, my last year of college is about to start in… 2 days. Am I excited or what??!!!!

Or what.

I’m honestly scared of what will happen to me in the next 10 months. On one hand, I’m insanely excited ’cause I finally get to see my friends again after the false assumption of me not seeing them ever. Again. Exaggerating. But you get my point, right?

I was shipped to the Americas~~ last April under the assumption that I’ll be staying there for 6-ish months. So I think my academic concern was real. But after much persuasion, my dad finally relented and let me return home to finish my studies.

Thank God.


I have 8 subjects this semester. Which, I think, is sort of a bitch but whatever; I wanted to minor in history. No pain no gain!


See you in hell, homebros.


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