Pomegranate Kisses And Semi-Circle Chilis

Life has been filled with paragraphs filled with adjectives ranging from the extremely palatable to the nauseating and verbs that you can almost hear. Of mistakes sticking to the bottom of pan, not enough oil, I’ve realized too late and of raisin coated fingers but never sweet, always stale to the tongue and the scent hanging off just on the outer edge of the nostrils…

In short: Life has been pretty boring.

I haven’t had the pretty woop-dee-doo summer life yet (unlike some people I know). Not that I’m expecting anything to happen at this point in my vacation, because really, the sun has been beating on our backs since it settled itself in the middle of our Solar System. Worse, the Ozone layer in this part of the planet seems to be thinning at a ridiculously rapid rate compared to the rest of the world because holy wow what is this heat. I’m just glad that I’ve kind of maybe gotten used to it, only staying at our house’s ground floor. The second floor continue to do it’s job as our sauna room – or floor, rather.

I’ve come to accompany my best friend to her school too, for her shifting degrees. I hope she makes it. She likewise accompanies me in completing my passport requirements.

For all that’s worth, I’ve only asked her to accompany her so I can spend more time with her.


But I already had my passport processed last Thursday. It was pretty much all waiting and less processing because wow, I’ve never waited for anything for as long as I did last week. But it was okay. I guess. If you’re into four hours of waiting and only fifteen minutes of document processing.

Really, it was good.

Besides that, my life has been pretty much bland.

It sucks.

Here’s a picture of my cat anyway:



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