There’s Just Something About Jimi Hendrix and Coffee

I personally declare the month of April as booze-month because seriously, I’ve been drinking a lot more than I should. In my entire life. Ever. I think.

I do drink, though, just not a lot. I would like to think that I know my limit when it comes to these things. Me spilling secrets is probably one of those triggering factors that tells me, hey, I need to stop.

But last night was just insane.

The first time I drank alcohol was during my college friend’s debut – the first debut I attended during college.I can pretty much say that it was due to peer pressure ’cause, come on, it’s college and you haven’t tasted alcohol yet? That’s kinda lame even for my standards. So I drank during the after party. The Bailey’s was nice at first but then it tasted kinda funky by the time it was nearing bottom. Then I tried Tanduay Ice. It wasn’t really strong with only 5% proof but the spirit was just… blech. Still, it was a nice experience. I felt the numbness of my muscles. Only just a bit.

It felt good.

I think the second/third/fourth time I drank was during the time my college barkada formed. One of my friends has a condo unit across our university and the bar people usually go to is near so, convenient much? We only drink every after the semester ends though. To celebrate our failure, you know?

Drinking with them definitely increased my alcohol tolerance. It was the first time I felt so tipsy (borderline drunk? I’m not too sure) that I felt feverish. It felt awesome. It was also then that I realize what kind of drunk I was.

I was the type that spills secrets.

My personal secrets of course but whatever.

Having my tongue felt that loose felt good, to be quite honest. I think it made me realize how much I was keeping so much to myself – that I needed release.

That was the excuse I made last Wednesday when Raya wanted me to tell my other friends the truth. I need to be so tipsy my filter just disappears. Unfortunately, 2 nights of doing a round of Emperador Lights shots during our sleepover last week (with vodka-mix as our chaser for day 1 and plain iced tea for day 2) didn’t quite get me tipsy enough to spill the beans.

Which brings me to last night. (God, three days in one week? What’s wrong with me?).

Last night was the worst I’ve ever been when it came to drinking.

It started when the bar opened at 8 for free flowing drinks. It was only until 9PM though which is kinda sad but then I guess it was sorta okay else I would’ve been shit-faced drunk for the first time in my life. Which is a no-no.

I think I had 4 or 5 or maybe 6? glasses of vodka mixed drinks, 1 or 2 (I’m not sure, I just kept drinking from Dustin’s bottle) bottle/s of Tanduay Ice, 1 bottle of Pale Pilsen, and 1 brandy shot ’cause I answered a question wrong for a game, and half shot of vodka just because.

It was crazy.

But I had so much fun.

I think the best part was the huge train we did in the middle of the dance floor. Trixie’s college friends plus her high school friends just went in the middle of the dance floor and started doing the train. It was insane. For my standards, at least.

But I guess it was super fun too because our block (or those who went anyway) bonded. In a way. I guess.

Alcohol does that for you.

It was also the first time I felt so tipsy I had to use someone else as my walking stick. But I guess using Dustin as my walking stick was kinda a bad idea too since he was tipsier than me. LMAO.

We were supposed to go to Starbucks to sober up but then both our moms were already at the venue to pick us up so I only had to take out and skidaddle.

Never drinking hot coffee while borderline-drunk ’cause, maaaan, I burned my tongue.

Funny too since my mom discovered that night since she doesn’t know I drink. But it was cool. She was cool about it, thank God, or it would’ve been another round of  Let’s-Not-Talk-To-My-Daughter-‘Cause-I’m-Mad-At-Her.

Kinda slightly hated Dustin too since he told me I didn’t smell that drunk, but when my mom asked awhile ago what made me drink (told her I had 1 brandy shot and she was all “are you sure? ’cause the smell of alcohol was strong last night” and I kept cursing Dustin inside my head that fucker), I had to spill the beans.

Not gonna lie though, I would do it again. With the right people, with the right drinks, and just get shit-faced wasted.

I think I have a problem…


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