Take It A Day At A Time

Being an incoming college junior is hard. Most especially when two of your parents are technically fighting for your education, and you only have two more years before graduation.

Should I stay or should I go?

My dad assures me that I only need take a leave of absence from my current school, stay a few months there (or a year, depends), and come back here to continue from where I left off.

As if we’re that rich to afford the tickets and tuition fees.

Jesus Christ this is such a hassle.

And it’s not helping how, after two wonderful albeit challenging years in my current school, I finally found my dream university. Weird.

It’s unsurprising how it’s not the school I’m currently studying at despite hearing and knowing people claiming that it’s their dream university.


But I really want to study at UC Berkeley.

It’s a public university too so the tuition is definitely cheap compared to other schools.

I guess it’s not helping either that my dad is currently residing in said state of California.

Should I stay or should I go?

Haven’t told my mom what I want yet. Lord, give me strength.

I really need to assess myself.

On a lighter note:

I still don’t understand why UC Berkeley merged the College of Letters, College of Social Science and College of Natural Science. But hey, it’s cool. If I do get to go earlier than expected (i.e. some time this year) then I’m probably, definitely, taking my SATs next year.

I probably won’t be taking International Political Economy though (the closest thing to my current degree, I guess). I’m guessing, Disability studies? Or Interdisciplinary Studies I have no fucking idea.

I just want to finish my studies.

And maybe go to a Panic! At The Disco concert or ten lol I just had to say it. Haha!


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