I Am An Eagle That Flies Above The Mountains

But while that’s true, some eagles do need to rest their wings and land on something before they get tired and die.

Because seriously, this semester sucks ass. And it’s not even because of my major subjects.


Please turn your eyes to that fail of a subject called Science and Society

Seriously, Science and Society? Seriously?

And although I do believe that I deserve that grade because hey, I didn’t study shit for that course but come on, the bitch professor didn’t even teach us shit!

(Cue rant)

All she does is go to class, let the assigned groups for the day report on whatever then once the bell rings, she’ll go all “Oh will you look at the time! I guess we just have to continue this next time!”.


And while the whole semester did somehow revolve on group and pair reports, not all sessions were dedicated to the aforementioned activity.

I mean, plenary sessions were nice. Most especially when the priests are all up in your bizznaz discussing the origins of life and the universe. And not in the Let-us-open-the-bible-and-understand-and-preach-the-word-of-Jesus and all that stereotypical Catholic way (I have nothing against my own religion). They actually do discuss it scientifically using facts and figures and data magically procured through the scientific method and whatnot.

I mean come on, our university president is a priest that had a degree in physics for god’s sake.

But I digress.

Whenever our professor is supposed to have lectures, she stealthily organizes her schedule so that they somehow, someway go after every long tests (although I do think they’re supposed to be that way…). And you know what happens during her lectures? She discusses the results of our tests, rechecks everything until the bell rings. No room for discussion whatsoever.


And you wonder why I’m pissed.

My cumulative QPI (Quantity Point Index, I think?) dropped like the fucking temperature during the ice age because of your stupid teaching (or greatly lack thereof!).

But yeah, I guess I do deserve that C (even though it’s fucking ugly as hell). And yeah, I guess know I have to work harder next time. But whatever.

On the other hand…

My major courses are oh so lovely. *insert hearts everywhere* Plus that wonderful subject called Western History.

And hello there German subject you’re looking kinda peachy today. Whatever, man. I’m just glad I passed German 2. Three more German language courses to go! Yipee!


One subject is still missing from that list though. I guess that’s why my cumulative QPI is uuuugly. I just hope Sir Dean (we call him Sir Dean ’cause he’s the Dean at the Law school) or Ate Kai posts it within the week. We don’t want anymore suspense now do we?

But I guess I’m still thankful for my grades (despite the ass of a subject called Science and Society jesus freakingapxkslb), ’cause I know some had it lower. I guess I’m just disappointed in myself ’cause I know I could’ve done better.


Grades only measure a fraction of what’s important.


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