American Eagle

You know how twitter is for everyone, saying that hey, it’s my twitter so if you don’t like what I tweet then you can get the fuck out? I think it’s weird how that works – how people always assume that they don’t care what other people think when in fact they do.

I can’t help but think how this… how do I call it… care seems to be the only think hindering us from being who we truly are/want to be. I confess, there have been times (a lot of times, actually) where I type something somewhere and delete it afterwards for fear of being judged. And even though I tell myself that I don’t really care what others think, deep inside I know that I do.

This is a very awkward situation to be in, I would think. Fingers hovering over keypads, waiting for the words to just cascade down but then there’s this huge chunk of future criticisms that you’re not even sure is coming blocking thei way creating a dam and yes, damn the brain for creating that scenario in the first place.

And now the words are gone – just floating somewhere waiting to be jumbled and used in a different context, making you forget what you wanted to type in the first place.

How sad.


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