Book Cover

So I made a thing… and just so you know, I’m not (was never, will never be) a poet so pardon my mangled metaphors.


I wonder then what would happen

if we all suddenly saw the light

Will she scream as the thousand angels crash upon her hips

pushing her forward to the equivocal gates closing upon her fingertips?

Or will he punch and kick and wait and move forward

until he is let go by the prying eyes – pulverizing, critizing

his notebook of lovers that he left on the ground

searching from the millions of hes but no shes?

Never barked the dog as it collided with the dirt

of many other blood boilers and skin peelers

insecurity written across their lips

Yesterday screamed his touch

as you slowly glided towards his periphery

cold, calculating trailing your every footstep

Throw your bones off the ledge and never return

millions of us faux-mourning your immortality

– and maybe even rejoicing at the thought of sharpness peeling you away

– at the thought of white walls closing in on you

The lions roared claustrophobia as they closed the door.

There’s your salvation.


One of my ‘post-it poems/idontknows’ from my London-Notebook-Thing. I just thought of typing it here because I think it’s weird and my blog is weird so there.

Some lines are meant to mean something while some are just verbal diarrhea that looked totally out-of-place-but-whatever-i’ll-still-put-it-here.

And yes, I’m totally not studying for my European Law exams tomorrow. C’est la vie!

P.S.Edit: Totally realized that I typed London-Notebook-Thing instead of London-Bridge-Notebook but whatever you get the picture. Now time to procrastinate even more…


4 thoughts on “Book Cover

  1. I am no expert though, dear. =)) And I don’t see anything horrible. I like it \:D/ Dude, ang ganda kaya. =)) I get reminded of old school P!atD writing style though \:D/ =))

      • Sabi mo super critical, so…

        I liked the way you did free verse but still managed to make the lines connect in a way that it still had a flow and a sense of cadence.

        I said it reminded of the old school kajfnkadf because of the writing style, the excessive use of metaphors, which is kinda like that lyrics-writer-guy-whose-name-i-can’t-remember-i-am-sorry.

        And I like the excessive use of metaphors because they serve as symbols which left me reading it more than once to know what it stands for. It also leaves the poem with multiple interpretations, which is the kind of mystery I constantly admire about poetry.

        I am no expert, okay? :(( Tis an opinion :(( =))

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