Random Bouts of Eccentricity

At least for me.

I think I’ve started something last 12th of March and I guess it started way back when I found my draft poem for my lit class’ slam poetry night – which was totally gross by the way, my draft poem I mean, and perhaps I meant my poem too, but I digress. I found them written in my Notella (which totally caught some of my classmates off guard because who would’ve thought? A notella! Seriously) a few pages back. I read them, thought how shitty it was but then decided a few minutes later how I should keep them because, hey, I don’t write poems everyday. So I transferred the draft poem (shitty draft poem) to a post it and posted it on my dorm cabinet-wall-thing (did that make sense?).

And now, I’ve started having these lines which totally do not make sense popping out of my head once in a while, had them written on post-its and my cabinet-wall-thing now has a few or so post-its posted on them. With random phrases which, up until now, does not make sense. Some (maybe 3 or 4 post-its) of them are about my totally ass of a  friend while some are just string of words meant to sound smart… or poetic or something. But I guess I kinda fail at that department because wow ‘Tongue dipped in gold‘? Seriously? I don’t even remember the context of that line.

But I think I find it therapeutic. Or at least I would like to think that it’s therapeutic. Now I’m just kidding myself. Ha.

Weirdly enough, I’ve moved on from phrases to lines (sentences?) to actual stanzas and holy shit is this supposed to be a poem or a line to a song or something because if it is then this totally sucks ass.

I’m on my fourth day of post-it therapy and I have to say, it totally works…

… on being a fucking distraction I need to finish my paper due Monday.

P.S. I think I just wrote a stanza on unfinished handjobs. Way to go, me.

P.P.S. This post is screaming run-on and what on earth are you on? like holy wow… I should probably stop with the verbal diarrhea and start on something which is totally related to my academics. Seriously.

P.P.P.S. Transferred all the post-its to my London-Bridge-Notebook so it won’t look messy. I still put them on post-its and stick them on the pages though. I know I’m wasting post-its and pages but whatever, man.


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