I’m In Love With Broken Things

The whole world knows my P!ATD obsession is back ever since FOB came back last Feb 4. With Panic! comes depression- or rather, depressed nights. 

Thank God my roommate went back to her house a few days back else I wouldn’t be openly bawling at this wonderful thing called fanfiction.

Ever since my after-school days have been free (for this week anyway, God knows I need to start researching for my final paper), I’ve been searching for ryden (god bless them) fics. I’ve almost read all (keyword: almost, ’cause really, I’m a choosy bitch) when I came across Grace. Didn’t recognize it at first but realized, a few chapters later, that I’ve read this before and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.

Even more beautiful than any book (sorry, JKR), or any Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve ever read in my life (as of now, and the Lord knows how many Harry Potter fics I’ve read). 

I just realized, just now, that I’m not even in it because of the pairing anymore (okay that might’ve been a lie. Maybe 50% in it?). The story is just so…wonderful it grabs your heart and takes it to the shredder only to take the shredded pieces then shred it again.

Books should be like this. 

Pure, unadulterated emotion seeping through the pages only to have it soak and fucking drown the readers.

God bless writers.


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