Planes and Traveling

Ever since my father dropped the ‘Surprise! You’re going to the US with me in a year!’ bomb, I’ve been thinking of what I should do in that god forsaken place. I was already told by my dad that I would live with my aunt’s family (plus nanay), but I managed to convince him to let me board somewhere in San Jose. Even though I would be living alone in an apartment somewhere there, I guess that would be better than being there with my aunt’s family whom I’m not even close with. Plus, the less people I’m with the better. I think.

It’s not I’m being anti-social. I just don’t want to impose myself to them and let them think that I’m just another responsibility. I feel – no, I know I’m going to be a burden to them. So it’s better.

I was thinking of buying school books too, so I can study independently. Although I’m not the type of person who would read textbooks voluntarily, it’s better than staying at a place with nothing to do but use the internet. My brain would rot. I would, however, prefer to go to school but I don’t think my dad could afford the school there and I don’t want him to borrow money from my aunt.

I talked to my friend about my situation (well, at least I told that I was going to stay there for awhile) and he told me that he would visit me once I go in California albeit the 10 hour drive. I hope he would keep his promise. I would need a friend then. I haven’t even told my best friend about this. I don’t know if I will tell her. I probably would, but not now. When the time is right and when everything is already sure.

I just hope that the papers will never come. 


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