I am confused.

As to why people would go to such measures just to reprimand the other party about their mistakes. I mean, why can’t they just let it go and move on? PInapahirapan lang nila sarili nila.



This actually happened a few days ago when my mom and I were coming back from registering for a voter’s ID (Annoying NSTP formator suddenly required us to register when formators didn’t even require this to their students. Gah). While we were waiting for our turn in the tricycle terminal, we suddenly heard shouting. We thought it was a fight between two drunk adults (in the daylight? It happens, people). But when I saw the scene, all I could do was sigh and shake my head.

Apparently, the tricycle accidentally collided with the taxi. The bump wasn’t that big (or at least I think it wasn’t, I wasn’t paying much attention. I was too busy lolling my head – I don’t even know why so don’t ask me). But what caught my attention (half of it, at least) was the tricycle driver a few paces away from them. Even though he was lining up in the terminal, even though he already had a passenger, he kept shouting at the taxi driver (who was reprimanding the tricycle driver at this point, asking the trike driver for his driver’s license). He kept saying that the taxi driver wasn’t a police so why was he asking for his colleague’s license. I applaud him, though. Even though it wasn’t his fight (fight?), he still helped his friend somehow get out of the situation. Somehow. 

The tricycle driver looked pathetic though. In a totally sympathetic way. His head was downcast and he just kept silent the whole time the taxi driver was spitting out words.

It looked like chaos to me.

They were in the middle of the road shouting at each other, cars were beeping their horns non-stop (’cause come on, they were causing traffic) and people were stopping just to look at them. Even the passenger of the taxi was joining in (“Kunin mo pangalan niya!”). Too much chaos for such a (not-so)petty thing. 

At least for me.

If I were that taxi driver, I would have let that tricycle driver go. I would still tell him about safety and all that but I wouldn’t go out and shout at the top of my lungs just to cause an unnecessary scene. I wouldn’t let the tricycle driver pay me too. Tricycle driver na nga lang siya eh tapos kukunin mo pa ‘yung sweldo niya sa araw na ‘yun? Which reminds me of what one guy said at the start of everything:

Hala. Wala na ‘yung kinita niya sa araw na ‘to.”

It was the sad truth. But what pissed me (sorta) was the way that guy said it. It was as if he was blaming the trike driver (which may be a well placed blame) in a very buti nga sa’yo way. 

I wonder what the trike driver did after that. 

We never did stay (and didn’t want to) ’cause it was already our turn and the tricycle was already there.

I just hope that the taxi driver and the guy who said that get a taste of karma.


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