King Midas

Babala: Walang kinalaman ang titolo sa nilalaman ng post. Haha.


You know that feeling of your fantasies and realities mixing, as if you don’t know which one’s real? The feeling of the threads of your sanity slowly breaking, millimeter by millimeter. I feel like the lead girl in Black Swan – the role played by Natalie Portman I forgot the lead girl’s name.


It’s like the stress is slowly eating up my sanity. I feel as if each night I stay up later than usual, my hold on myself is slowly slipping.

I cannot afford that.

I cannot afford to be like Zorro in UP-D (although he’s actually cool). I cannot space out anymore. I cannot give up. I cannot, at any point in my life, lose hope in myself, in my parents, and most importantly, in God.


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