Or maybe it’s just me.

One of the articles our SA professor made us read was an article on Conversation Styles and how it differs between different genders – how women are more sensitive when it comes to breaking the bad news and how men are more frank in theirs. Of course, the author proved at the end of the essay that it wasn’t actually the gender of the person that made them follow the conversation style, but rather, it is the expectation of society. Since you were born a girl, society expects you to act in ways that only girls can.

I’m a girl but why do I speak like a man?

Or at least what I say seems different to the person I’m saying it to.

I’m getting frustrated more often, nowadays. I feel my patience wearing thin when it comes to me conversing with other people. Recently (and I mean recently, like a few minutes ago), my friend and I were talking, and I, of course, said something in return and somehow, she took what I said literally? I know I don’t have the right to be frustrated at this moment but people taking what I said differenty… it’s seems like it’s adding to my list of pet peeves (perhaps I’ll write a post about this list).

I know I’m overreacting real bad about this situation. I know I should practice my patience and I know I should tolerate more things in the future but I just can’t help thinking and feeling frustrated about this.

Ah ewan.


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